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"You did it again!

This is exactly the stuff that everyone needs that they really don't put (or tell you) anywhere else.

Thank you so much for the snapshot of the way things REALLY need to be done and the lists of what I can do to make my Web sites better.

The information on instant customer support chat has changed the way I do business and your autoresponder information was priceless...

Great stuff, as always.

Paul Colligan
Oregon, USA

"Thanks a million!"

Thanks a million for your new product "Website Power System".

I just read it last night. I couldn't stop reading until I was done with the whole thing. I don't give out praise for an information product lightly. As a matter of fact, I am well known more for my critisism of many info products.

In my 5 years of web marketing I have never seen a product like this!!

It goes right to the nuts and bolts of what folks need to know to run a successful website...

As an experienced marketer I knew about the majority of the stuff, but it took me HUNDREDS of hours in research and testing to get this knowledge. Yet even I learned a few new tricks that will save me a bundle.

It is well written, concise and easy to follow. Most marketers TALK about doing many of these things but never tell folks HOW to get them done. If they do they bury it so far down in hundreds of pages of "fluff" that you can never find it again.

This will ebook stay on my desktop as a permanent reference.
You show folks exactly how to work the magic.

If the value of a product is measured by the time it can save you, this product is worth THOUSANDS.

I wholeheartedly recommend this product to anyone who is serious about web marketing.

Marlon, you have won me over with this "home run" of a product.

Best of Success
Ed Osworth

Why waste your time and money... when you can get this information that is tested and proven!

Robert Miedema
Virginia Beach, VA

"This product is a must..."

It contains the very useful information I was looking for but I could not find anywhere on the Internet.

This product is a must for those who are considering using advanced Internet technologies is their home based business to increase their productivity.

Bela Kajarik
Budapest, Hungary

This is the definitive guide to kick-start your Internet Business!

Stephen Bray

"This is a must have for me!"

I have tried contacting various marketers about how to do this stuff. Not so much as how to create a ebook... but I want to know the mechanics of setting us a page for the information to be downloaded by customers. They give you a ton of information... but who has time to read it all?

This product is concisely written, with very valuable information.

It saved me time and effort.

Idaline L. Hall
St. Louis, MO


Check out the phenomenal product
Microsoft promoted to 400,000 subscribers!

Would you like Marlon Sanders
to Show You
How To Set Up Your
Entire Online Sales System?

From: Marlon Sanders
11844 Bandera Road #469
Helotes, TX 78023-4132
(888) 204-6141


Would you like to look over my shoulder and see all the tools, resources and methods that make up the backbone of our entire online sales system?

I've been plugged into this business (as you should know by now) since before the World Wide Web existed.  I was marketing on AOL and Compuserve back then.

I have spent thousands of hours online researching the Internet and resources.  My friends are the top names in the business.  I know what these tools are.

If you're banking your business and success on the WRONG resources, it can cost you big-time.  Bad hosting. The wrong autoresponders.  And so many things you need to know.

I want to cut months off your learning curve.  And save you mercy knows how much money.

I mean, just ONE mistake can cost you far, far more than the cost of the solution I'm going to tell you about in a moment.

These systems, these ecommerce tools are the heart, blood and bones of your business.  Without them, you don't have jack. Nada.  Nothing.

Yet, believe it or not, as absolutely vital as they are to this business, a lot of people rely for advice on these tools from people in online forums and such. Nothing against online forums.  They provide a lot of support and value.

But a lot of those people have never made a dime online, little alone operate a serious full-time enterprise. 

That's why I decided to save YOU a massive amount of time and create a manual that explains exactly what systems you should get in place so you can sell your products and services online.

I want to make it fast, easy and painless.

I've seen bad -- no -- HORRIBLE advice about all kinds of stuff. Who to choose for web hosting, merchant accounts and all kinds of things. Sometimes I've even seen what I consider questionable advice from people in positions who should know better.

Let me save you time.

Let me save you frustration.

Let me save you money.

Let me get you through the detailed crap so you can get on with the business of making money.

Just one bad decision can cost you dearly. Just one wrong decision can cost you 100 times what I charge for my product.

Let me plug you into MY resources. Let me show you how I run MY business.

I've been there. I've done it. I have a very successful business with an international network of resellers. When I talk about this or that, I KNOW what the heck I'm saying.

I call this training manual "The Web Site Power System."  That isn't the perfect title.  It's really simply my step-by-step training manual in the systems I personally use to sell products and services online.

* How to load up and use your sequential autoresponders

* How to put an opt-in form on your web site.

* How to upload pages to your web site using ftp

* How to get FREE instant chat software for customer service and place it on your web site.

* How to get quality web hosting for $2.00 per domain complete with autoresponders, traffic log files, plenty of megs, referrer logs, full ftp access, cgi bin -- everything you need.

* Plus, much more.

At last, all in one place, everything you need to know to get your web business up and running.

You get step-by-step tutorials and instructions on how to:

Create your business objective, and put together your strategy.

Learn the basics of lead generation, including how to gather leads for your products or services and how to follow up -- automatically!

Know the answers to these questions: What type of content should your web site have? How many pages? What should you have at the top of your page? How long should your sales letter be? What program should you use to create your sales letter?

Find out where to put your opt-in subscription form, where your order form needs to be and how to optimize the size of your pages.

Save 70% on web design, programming, graphic design, customer service, and more!

Easily upload your web pages to your host site in only 10 seconds. All about the inexpensive software program we use.
Don't be buffaloed by this simple process. We show you step by step with screen captures how to do this -- with ease.

Communicate with your customers (and virtual support staff) in real time, using a nifty little program that you can get for free.

Where to get our instant communication program, why you should use it, and how to add it to your company site to increase your customer support options. You'll also find out how to get this program to work in conjunction with your email program, and how people that don't have this program installed can still contact you.

See every person on your website at any time of the day, or night -- live! How to provide instant customer support to anyone that needs help. At a glance, see your repeat visitors. Imagine the possibilities when you KNOW what site referred that person to your web page! How to view the history of every visitor, and access transcripts of all previous chats.

Automatically get customer testimonials for your product. Why you need them, how and when to ask for them, and what to do with the feedback you receive from your customers.

Save time, money and endless grief by using the only opt-in mailing process we've found that virtually eliminates spam complaints. Which services are the most highly recommended, and where to find them. WARNING: If you try to send out your email yourself to customers and prospects, did you know your ISP can dump your emails without even telling you? No wonder your emails have gotten lousy response!

Add a powerful subscription form to your site using our step-by-step instructions, which include full screen captures. Also learn the difference between "single opt-in" and "double opt-in," and which to use to gain the maximum amount of subscribers.

Understand and use order forms. You'll know how to: Set up the actual order form, grab a big cash bonus 80% of the time, add an upsell, put the right stuff at the top of your order form, make your order form and format the contents (includes actual sample order form), understand and use customizable fields, and make your order form add customers to your sequential autorepsonders -- automatically!

Take action to prevent credit card and checking account order problems, how to deal with duplicate transactions, and how to proactively prevent problems.

Choose your payment processing without becoming the next sucker for big fees you don't need to pay.

Understand and use the payment processing features for our recommended provider, including step-by-step instructions for using the system to view orders, locate duplicate transactions, learn what error codes mean, and how to access your reports in spreadsheet format. Understanding this info saves you time and gets you up-to-speed fast.

Choose a sequential autoresponder company. Learn why you need several, where you get good ones cheap, and step-by-step info on how to use them.

Understand, use and profit from sequential autoresponders: How to add the form to your website, copy/paste the code into your page, configure the form, view your prospects/leads, and customer mailing list. Also learn how to broadcast a message to your entire list, and how to manage remove requests.

Avoid giant fees for database programmming you probably don't need. Don't buy a bill of goods that doesn't fit your business. Find out why you need to maintain a database, which software to use and where to get it, or whether you need a custom programmer to create a system for you.

Import an existing database, and how to prevent losing your ISP when you send out a mailing to your customers.

Monitor your site for downtime, and check for broken links, automatically. Which service you can use for this, and how to find one that does this for you -- free!

Keep in contact with your opt-in subscribers and customers without having to write a lengthy and time consuming ezine or newsletter every week, or month. Step by step instructions on what to offer instead, where to put your subscribe form and how to find out how many subscribers you have at any given time.

Incorporate opt-in technology with your reseller program. How we do it.

Get people to sign up to promote your product for you via an associate program. Find out what an associate program is, how it works, and where you can get one.

See exactly how many unique visitors you have, where your visitors are coming from, how long they are staying on your site, what the most requested page are, what your busiest time of the day is, and how to add the code to your site to make this all happen, automatically.

Find out what your conversions are, and why you need to know this on a daily basis. Learn which software you can use to calculate these stats automatically.

Provide powerful tools to your resellers or associates, and how to find someone to create banner ads, buttons, book covers and other promotional items for your resellers to use.

Pay your reseller commissions month after month using a specific software package that makes cutting commission checks a breeze.

Get your own virtual customer service team. We share six breakthroughs in customer service with you. Plus, learn how to interact with your virtual workers, responsibilities you can delegate, how to provide your virtual workers with email addresses that don't screw up your system.

Drive traffic to your site using a method that a lot of people don't know about, don't fully grasp, or don't use.

Manage your email barrage in a fraction of the time. Discover which inexpensive software to use, how to configure your accounts using filters, separate mail accounts, pre-written stationary and signature files.

Gain the maximum amount of subscribers to your opt-in mailing list. Maximize the amount of sales you can get from people who leave your site.

As you can see, it can save you a lot of time and money trying to reinvent the wheel. This is NOT some cheap, quickly put together ebook. We busted our tail ends putting it together. It's a very well constructed product.

In addition to the step by step instructions, you also receive 6 months of actual videos that literally SHOW you what to do!


You can get this product delivered to you on CD. The CD is compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP and XP Pro. Sorry, there is no Mac version.

Your CD is sent to you by UPS Ground if you live in the USA. If you reside outside the US, your CD goes out by US Mail.

How to Put Your Business On The Web
CD-ROM Only $105.45

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our Secure Server

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(By ordering in any manner, you agree to the terms and conditions here.)

To your success,

Marlon Sanders

P.S. If you're in another country you can order by credit card using the secure server link above. 

If you do not have a credit card or if you want to order by bank draft, write the words "The Web Site Power System" on a piece of paper and mail it to the address below. Please put the name or ID # of the person who referred you on a note with your check. And include your email address and clearly spell your mailing address so we can send your CD.  Payment is due in US dollars for $97.50.  

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